Seafarers Matter

We are glad you have found us! The Portsmouth Seafarers Center of Virginia, Tidewater Transportation Ministries (TTM) serves as the HUB for maritime ministries in our city. We are here to welcome, reach and serve mariners, fishermen, dock workers, work-boat operators, their families, and all who work & travel on the waterways of the world. Whether you’re crossing the ocean from distant ports or moving goods along the Chesapeake bay our purpose is to care for seafaring travelers & the international community.

Tidewater Transportation Ministries is focused on making personal contact with the traveling seafarers whose ships are docked at port in our city. We also serve, on an as needed basis for seafarers whose ships are located in any of the over 80 terminals within the Port of Virginia. During these face to face visits we talk to the seafarer about their well-being and any specific personal need. While we are an evangelical organization, we honor the religious preference of the seafarer and will seek religious aid for him from the preferred religious organization. We will provide Bibles in English and in the birth-language on request.

Our main goal is to provide the seafarer emotional and spiritual support during their nearly year long separation from home, loved ones, family, and friends. We endeavor to keep our systems compatible with the latest technology since connecting home via the internet or the cell phone is highly important to the seafarer. The ability to share the gospel story when invited is important to our mission. We enjoy doing so at every opportunity we are given. Currently TTM is directing all of its efforts into the Portsmouth Seafarer Ministries which is its primary operating division.

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